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Republish the Remaining Postings of Aug 25 & 26

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(1) We owe you an explanation.
(2) On Aug 25, 2014 I published five (5) postings. The next day they were gone. This website does not do censorship. So I asked "bridged" what happened, who replied that he had transferred the contents from one web hosing to another, for reasons you might have guessed: the previous site shut down frequently. He indicated that (somehow) he made mistakes about those postings.
(3) Yesterday (Aug 28), he apparently recovered five (5) postings dated Aug 26 (not 25):
* 英大法官称未发现香港司法独立受到破坏
* 美核动力潜舰抵日,警示潜在对手
* A Physician’s Disillusionment  
* Japan Casino School 校長 大岩根 成悦
* Prize/Money for Individual Sport Athletes (Excluding Track and Field etc)
(4) Following are the REPUBLISHED postings (PLUS three (3) from Aug 26), which some may have read but some others may not.


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==================Aug 25 (which was ready in the evening of Aug 24 but Yilubbs.com did not work)
Beheader Jihadi John Identified: The Times of London
Mark Hookham, Richard Kerbaj and Marie Woolf, Beheader Jihadi John Identified. The Sunday Times, Aug 24, 2014   
(rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, 23)

(a) It is 8:30 pm, EDT. The report came out 23 hours ago.
(b) The report is behind the pay wall.
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==================Aug 25 (which was ready in the evening of Aug 24 but Yilubbs.com did not work)
In US, Since 2008 Transfusion Has shrunk by 1/3 in Volume
Matthew L Wald, Blood Industry Hurt by Surplus; Medical advances means fewer transfusions. New York Times, Aug 23, 2014 (front page).
www.nytimes.com/2014/08/23/busin ... urt-by-surplus.html

Excerpt in the window of print: A decline of almost one-third over the last five years.


“Transfusions are down almost one-third over the last five years, to about 11 million units last year from about 15 million units, according to the American Red Cross, which has about 40 percent of the market. With ‘minimally invasive’ techniques like laparoscopic surgery and other shifts in medicine, demand for blood continues to drop despite population growth and a soaring number of people over 65, who have the most surgeries requiring blood.

“The Red Cross wants the blood program to cover its own costs, or perhaps achieve a small surplus for reinvestment. * * * And blood is expensive. Nonprofit organizations collect whole blood from unpaid donors, but hospitals may pay $225 to $240 a unit, according to executives in the business, which covers a variety of costs, including testing. If the unit is billed to the patient, the price can be $1,000 or more. Part of the expense is for storage, management and inventory losses; around a million units a year are discarded, mostly because they are not used soon enough.

“In a total hip replacement, loss of 750 milliliters of blood, about 1.5 pints, was considered standard; now it is just 200 milliliters.

“‘Blood is not a pharmaceutical that can sit on the shelf for 12 months or 18 months,’ said Miriam A Markowitz, the chief executive of the American Association of Blood Banks. Red cells have a life of 42 days; platelets last five days.

Note: “A normal hemoglobin count is 12 to 16 grams per deciliter of blood, depending on gender. * * * Under the new guidelines, transfusion is not recommended until the level falls to seven.”

Women of child-bearing age tends to be on the lower end of eh normal range, due to menstruation and thus loss of iron, which sometimes needs to be supplemented (with tablets).
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============Gretna Green; The Scottish Place for  Las Vegas-Style Quickie Marriage
埃斯特·韦伯, 记者来鸿:英格兰情侣向往的那片乐土. BBC Chinese, Aug 25, 2014
www.bbc.co.uk/zhongwen/simp/fooc ... c_gretnagreen.shtml

, which is translated from

Esther Webber, Gretna Green: The Bit of Scotland Where English People Go to Get Married. BBC, Aug 18, 2014

(i) The English (chiefly West Country) surname Webber: “a weaver, early Middle English webber, agent derivative of Webb”

* West Country
(ii) The German and Jewish (Ashkenazic) surname Weber: “a weaver, Middle High German wëber, German Weber, an agent derivative of weben ‘to weave’”
(iii) The English (chiefly Yorkshire, Lancashire, and the Midlands) and Scottish surname Webster: “a weaver, early Middle English webber, agent derivative of Webb”

(b) Gretna Green
(a village in the south of Scotland famous for runaway weddings; historically the first village in Scotland, following the old coaching route from London to Edinburgh; Gretna Green sits alongside the main town of Gretna [qv, for Etymology])

(c) “The estimated 5,000 marriages that take place every year [in Gretna Green] seem extraordinary if you consider that a mere 3,000 weddings took place across the entire county of neighbouring Cumbria - population 500,000 - in 2011.
(i) Cumbria is a county, historically [“from the 12th century until 1974”]called Cumberland
(ii) Compare Umbria
(The region [in Italy] is named for the Umbri tribe, one of those who were absorbed by the expansion of the Romans)
(iii)  Online Etymology dictionary
(A) Cumberland: “Old English Cumbra land (945) "region of the Cymry" (see Cymric)”
(B) Cymric (adj): "1839, from Welsh Cymru 'Wales,' Cymry 'the Welsh,' plural of Cymro"

(d) “In 1754, an English law stopped couples under 21 marrying without their parents' permission. But in Scotland it was permitted for girls from the age of 12, and for boys aged 14 or older. Moreover, anyone in Scotland could marry a couple by ‘declaration.’ * * * in 1977 English couples could finally get married [in ENGLAND] without parental consent at 18”

See next posting.
(e) “Young star-crossed lovers in England would elope and Gretna was the first town they would come to, two miles over the border. Enterprising blacksmiths set themselves up as ‘anvil priests,’ carrying out the ceremony in return for a drink or a few guineas.”

Guinea (British coin)
(1663-1814; was the first English machine-struck gold coin; The name came from the Guinea region in West Africa, where much of the gold used to make the coins originated)

(f) “Adie and Sarah Miles, 52 and 49, are having their picture taken outside a venue called The Famous Blacksmith Shop. They have ‘eloped’ from Bognor Regis on the English south coast without telling their family and plan to surprise them on their return.”
(A) Adie
(is both a surname and a given name)
(B) The Scottish surname Adie: “from the personal name Adie, a popular medieval pet form of Adam”
Dictionary of American Family Names, by Oxford University Press.
(ii) The English (of Norman origin) surname Miles: “via Old French from the Germanic personal name Milo, of unknown etymology”
(iii) Bognor Regis
(in the county of West Sussex; section 1 Origin of name)

(g) “ The Wedding Warehouse bridalwear shop over the border in Carlisle deals with a steady stream of couples on their way north.”
(i) Carlisle, Cumbria
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlisle,_Cumbria(a city; 10 miles
(16 km) south of the Scottish border; 2011 census: 75,306;  [name origin:] Caer-luel (Caer meaning fort in Common Brittonic; luel refers to god Lugus))
(ii) Compare caer

English place suffix -chester, English noun castle, and Spanish surname Castro (from noun masculine of the same spelling) are all derived from the same Latin noun “castrum” meaning “fort.”
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===============Aug 25=====台積16奈米 提前明年Q2量產
簡永祥, 台積16奈米 提前明年Q2量產. 經濟日報, Aug 25, 2014.

(a) The report can not be independently verified.
(b) On Apr 17, 2014 Samsung and Globalfoundries announced alliance, which sees the former transfer technology to the latter (abandoning its own technology). Samsung (and therefore both) said at the time that 14nm FinFET will, for both foundries, enter volume production by the end of this year.
(c) 法說會 is short for (公司)法人說明會, whose English expressions are shareholders meetings or investor conference presentation.
(d) "台積電日前董事會,一口氣核准資本預算910.3億元"

That is Taiwan dollar, at exchange rate of T$30 to $1.

(e) "南科Fab14 P7廠將以16奈米FinFET+(鰭式場效電晶體強化版)為主力"

The report is wrong, to the extent suggesting FinFet and 鰭式場效電晶體強化版 are different.
(i) In fact both are one and the same. See three mentions of both at

Technology Leadership 技術領導地位, in 2012 Annual Report  2012 年報 . TSMC undated.

For example, the first mention is: "同時,台積公司亦更進一步加速先進元件技術的發展,特別在16奈米製程導入3D立體結構的鰭式場效電晶體(FinFET)、嵌入式記憶體以及低介電層銅導線技術的發展."
(ii) For FinFET, see multigate device  多閘極電晶體 (according to Chinese Wikipedia)
(FET stands for "Field Effect Transistor;" section 1.3 FinFET: The term FinFET was coined by University of California, Berkeley researchers (Profs. Chenming Hu, Tsu-Jae King-Liu and Jeffrey Bokor))
(A) 胡正明
(Chenming Calvin Hu; 於1947年出生於北京,後前往台灣,1968年畢業於國立台灣大學電機工程系; 原台積電技術執行長)
(B) Tsu-Jae King Liu; Interview with Tsu-Jae King Liu - EE Division Chair and Associate Chair at UC Berkeley. EEWeb (Electrical Engineering Community), undated
("My parents met and married as graduate students at Cornell University, which is how I came to be born in Ithaca, NY [in 1963]. My father studied Electrical Engineering as an undergraduate at National Taiwan University (NTU) but changed over to Applied Physics for his PhD")

She does NOT have a Chinese name.
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===================Aug 25====================钱学森’s Caltech Classmate Died at 96
Steve Chawkins, Frank Marble Dies at 96; Leader in Development of Rockets. Los Angeles Times, Aug 25, 2014.
www.latimes.com/local/obituaries ... 20140825-story.html

My comment:
(a) Nominally this is an obituary for Mr Marble. In effect, though, it is more about Mr 钱学森.
(b) Mr Marble's wife, Ora LEE, is an American, not Chinese.
(c) Frank Marble, Tsien Revisited. Caltech News, vol 36, number 1 (2002) showed a photo of him and Mr 钱学森 “at Los Angeles Harbor in September 1955, preparing to board ship to China.”
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=============Aug 25==========中国人为何往往 '出国就爱国'?
VOA Chinese, Aug 25, 2014.
www.voachinese.com/content/china ... 140825/2427569.html

Note: The report is based on
张维为:一出国,就爱国. 观察者网, July 29, 2014.

The preceding article was republished:
张维为:一出国,就爱国. 环球网, July 30, 2014("评论")
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===============Aug 25=========How Your Laptop Is Made in China
Eva Dou, How Your Laptop Is Made in China. Digits (a brand of WSJ blogs), Aug 24, 2014
(Taiwan-headquartered Pegatron's facility in Chongqing)

three consecutive paragraphs:

“The making of a laptop begins on the fourth floor of the factory with the production of the printed circuit board, the brains and heart of a computer. This has long been a highly automated process. The room is filled with long tunnels of white machines. The bare blue board goes into one end of the tunnel and comes out on the other end complete. Circuits are first etched into the board by machines. Then a series of robotic arms each places a single component onto the board, with a final machine soldering the pieces in place. The process is almost entirely automated, with a few workers standing around to monitor the process.

“The printed circuit boards are then brought downstairs to the assembly center. Here, it’s a different scene. The vast room is crowded with workers at production lines, each performing a specific step.

“The assembly of laptops and other electronic devices is still done primarily by hand, due to the high cost and difficulty of automation. But Pegatron officials were keen to point out that several robots have added to the assembly lines in recent months, all designed by the company’s own engineers. One robot presses a screen into the laptop body, while another checks the camera functionality of each completed device.

Note: A partial translation
Eva Dou, 中国为何在电子制造自动化中落于人后. 华尔街日报中文版, Aug 25, 2014
is misleading.

The translation is done in Beijing, by Chinese (as opposed to people from Hong Kong or Taiwan).
(a) First and foremost, Pegatron is a company of Taiwan. At most one can say Taiwanese companies in China are not highly automated.
(b) Labor costs is relatively cheap in China, compared with more developed nations. Naturally, less robotics is used in China than abroad. Think car makers.
(c) But elsewhere electronics assembly is not more automated, which is rarely done elsewhere in the first place. Unlike car making, the components in electronics is very small. Miniaturization is a virtue in electronics. But some people love big vehicles, such as SUVs.
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=================Aug 25========The Founder's Dilemmas
Noam Wasserman, How a Entrepreneur's Zeal Can Destroy a Startup?  Founders need to believe in his idea and his business. But they can believe too much. Wall Street Journal, Aug 25, 2014.


"Call it the paradox of entrepreneurship: The very thing it takes to start a business often ends up destroying it.

"But that's the positive side of passion. Another constant I've seen is that if there's anything that can sink a new business, it's passion. It blinds entrepreneurs, leading them to get overconfident and make bad choices at the worst times—potentially dooming even the most promising startups. Only then do founders appreciate that the origin of the word 'passion' is the Latin word for 'suffer.'

(a) First read author's credentials at the end of the article.
(i)  Noam Wasserman, The Founder's Dilemmas; Anticipating and avoiding the pitfalls that can sink a startup. Princeton University Press, 2013.
(ii) The book title is copied from
Clayton Christensen, The Innovator's Dilemma; When new technologies cause great firms to fail. Harvard Business Press, 1997.
(b) passion (n; ultimately from Latin [verb] pati to suffer--more at PATIENT)
(c) "To explain why a significant proportion of founders kept going after receiving negative feedback, the study's authors point to optimism (as well as to the sunk-cost effect, the tendency people have not to abandon something after they've sunk money into it)."

sunk costs
("is a retrospective (past) cost that has already been incurred * * * Sunk costs are sometimes contrasted with prospective costs, which are future costs that may be incurred or changed if an action is taken")
(d) "Serial entrepreneur Steve Blank describes four lies that entrepreneurs tell themselves and their spouses."

Steve Blank
(1953- ; Silicon Valley)
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===========Aug 26=========趙紫陽前智囊涉高瑜案 保外候審
明報, Aug 26, 2014
(“姚監復昨天在家中對本報稱,自己與早前被批捕的北京資深媒體人高瑜「同案」,涉嫌的也是「為境外非法提供國家秘密罪」 ,他說,「我現在還是保外候審,不是完全自由」”)

(2) 中国知名学者姚监复被警方逮捕后保外候审. VOA Chinese, Aug 26, 2014
www.voachinese.com/content/chine ... 140826/2428475.html

Note: There is no need to read the rest of the VOA report, which is based on Mingpao.
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=============Aug 26==============美国 '高铁梦' 成了'世界笑话': 人民日报
吴成良, 美国 '高铁梦' 成了'世界笑话.'  人民日报, Aug 20, 2014
("一位美国律师曾向本报记者表示,去年到中国出差,第一次乘坐高铁,就被深深震撼了,中国的发展太快了。回美国后,他成了'中国迷,' 开始学习中文")

My comment: “记者曾从华盛顿搭乘美国全国铁路客运公司列车前往波士顿,原定六七个小时达到,结果因为下了一场大雨,这趟旅程用了13个小时。”

I am too poor to get out of town. I have no idea how long it takes for the “high speed premium” Acela (quoting Amtrak) to run from Boston to Washington Dc, the Northeast Corridor. The summer 2014 schedule published by Amtrak, at page 19
www.amtrak.com/ccurl/458/185/Amt ... ummer-Fall-2014.pdf
, shows twice daily (weekdays only, excluding July 4 and Sept 1 (Labor Day)): 5:05 am to 11:58 am; 6:05 am to 12:45 pm.
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=====================Aug 26=============Prize/Money for Individual Sport Athletes (Excluding Track and Field etc)
Steven Kutz, In Tennis, It Pays to Be No 1. Wall Street Journal, Aug 26, 2014.

My comment:
(a) Better than academia, where the second to publish means almost nothing.
(b) The print version has oodles of graphics. Unfortunately, the online version has none. The graphics shows GENERALLY SPEAKING the money reward from No 1 to No 32 decreases gradually.
(c) “That is because golf pays a lot more in prize money. For 2014, the PGA tournaments will pay out $308 million, while men's tennis's ATP tournaments—plus the Grand Slams—will pay $160 million.”

ATP = Association of Tennis Professionals
(The ATP's Executive Offices are in London)
(d) “‘If you take figures from golf, [Rory] McIlroy has earned approximately $7 million this year, like Novak,’ he said. ‘The No 30 [golfer] has earned over $2 million this year. If I don't count my doubles earnings, I made little more than $500,000. That is a 1-to-14 ratio compared to about 1-to-3 in golf."
(i) “He” is Barcelona tennis player Marcel Granollers.
(ii) “If I don't count my doubles earnings.”  That is because the article deals with “individual sport athletes” in singles competitions, rather than team sports.
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