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Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Sept 4, 2017 (I)

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(1) Sam Kim, Playing Dumb Didn't Help Samsung's Heir Apparent.
https://www.bloomberg.com/news/a ... o-family-businesses

Quote ( print):

"During the monthslong corruption trial of Jay Y. Lee, the co-vice chairman and heir apparent of Samsung Group testified that he was as surprised about the scandal as anybody. Lee and his deputies repeatedly told the Seoul Central District Court that the billionaire electronics scion couldn’t have been involved in the bribery and influence-peddling scandal that took down South Korean President Park Geun-hye, as the prosecution alleged. After all, they said, he hardly knew anything about the day-to-day operations of the family business. 'There was no line of approval involving me,' Lee said in court, choking back tears. 'I had no knowledge to make decisions, nor the competence.'  Unsurprisingly, the three judges hearing the case didn't buy it.

"Lee said taking over Samsung never crossed his mind after his father's heart attack

"Lee even pleaded ignorance of eh effect that buying an $800,000 horse for the daughter of a confidante of President Park might have on government approval of a 2015 merger between two affiliates that increased Lee's sway over Samsung Electronics Co. When a prosecutor asked how it was possible Lee didn't know Samsung's support for a local equestrian association led to a horse for the presidential confidante's daughter, he responded, 'I was told everything was going well, so I thought it was.' He added, ' I'm still not familiar with details. And I've been catching up a lot through this trial.'

"it [this defense] demonstrated extremely poor judgment [by Lee about trial strategy], say Kwon Young-june, a professor who researches corporate governance at Seoul's Kyung Hee University.  'Lee was penny-wise and pound foolish,' says Kwon.  
'In trying to clear himself of legal responsibilities, Lee has portrayed himself as someone incompetent and without any vision.

(a) summary underneath the title in print: Even if Hay Y Lee doesn't serve all five years in prison, he's already compromised his future in the family business
(b) The print and online versions are very different. There is no need to read the rest.

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(3) Saket Sundria and Dhwani Pandya, Getting Mumbai on Track.
https://www.bloomberg.com/news/a ... muters-much-happier

Quote (print):

"Mumbai boasts one of the world's oldest commuter rail systems: Trains have been chugging along its Central Line since 1853. Passengers will tell you it’s anything but quaint. The system covers approximately 190 miles—less than a third of the 665 miles of track in the New York City subway—but has a daily ridership of 8 million, about 2 million more than Big Apple's. Besides being one of the most crowded, it's also one of the most dangerous, with more than 3,00 deaths last year, according to data collected by the Mumbai railway police.

"Line 1 started operating in 2014, and construction is underway on three others. Work on two more will begin after the monsoon season ends in September

"All but one of the lines will be elevated, which will help minimize disruptions during the construction phase and thereafter during the torrential monsoon downpours that often flooded Mumbai

"Mumbai's haphazard and often chaotic development above ground is mirrored below with poorly marked pipes and conduits for water, electricity, telephone cables, gas, and sewage.

(a) summary underneath the title in print: The megacity has one modern metroline in operation -- and several others in the works
(b) The print and online versions are very different. There is no need to read the rest.
(i) Called "commuter rail" in quotation 1 and "local trains" by locals, Mumbai Suburban Railway (British East India company) is also the oldest railway system in Asia. (Passengers stand on train roof and hang on doorways without doors. They are on these trains, not subway -- the latter officially known as Metro.) It started running in 1853 between what is now known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) and City of Thane, a distance of 34 km.  en.wikipedia.org
(A) Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ch ... nus_railway_station
(section 1 Background: explaining names of both Bori Bunder and CST)

The station is in Bori Bunder, a neighborhood in southern tip of Bombay/Mumbai. You may use google maps for Thane and Mumbai, separately, to appreciate the fact that Thane is on the northeastern border of Bombay.

The present CST building is the second station (on the same site), completed in 1888 and going through several name changes.
(B) Maratha Empire (1674–1818) displaced Mughal Empire but succumbed to British East India Company (EIC).

Maratha Empire was founded by (warriors) the Marathas or Marathi people, from the present-day state of Maharashtra, where Thane and Bombay are located,

Mughal Empire (1526-1857; the latter due to coexistence of two empires; Mughal is less common spelling of Mogul; the only difference in pronunciations of the two words is the first vowel of Mughal is pronounced like cow, whereas that of Mogul is same as mold.  Both English nouns Mughal and Mogul descend directly from Persian muġul (spelling in Oxforddictionaries.com) or Mughul (in Merriam-webster.com) -- the case (upper or lower of the first letter m in original), The Persian word in turn is derived from Mongolian word Mongol.
(ii) subway: Mumbai Metro Line 1, the only one in operation, is just 11.4km long, with 12 stations. en.wikipedia.org
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