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Japan's Sex Industry, Past and Present

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Japan's sex industry | More Smutty Than Slutty; As he population ages, the sex trade is becoming less sexual. Economist, Apr 7, 2018.
https://www.economist.com/news/a ... ace-business-japans

(a) "IN THE 17th century Yoshiwara 吉原 [Today, Yoshiwara roughly corresponds to 東京都台東区千束4丁目: en.wikipedia.org], in north-eastern Tokyo (then known as Edo 江戶), was one of a number of red-light districts. * * * Four hundred years later Yoshiwara remains a centre of the sex trade, but customers’ desires are becoming less explicit. Scores of 'soaplands' [singular form: ソープランド] such as 'Female Emperor' [a proper name] offer men a scrub by a lingerie-clad woman, for around ¥10,000 yen ($94). * * * in Japan's sex industry * * * softer services seem to be gaining popularity at the expense of harder ones such as vaginal sex (which is illegal but widely available) or oral sex (which is legal). The sex trade in Japan has long been about not only intercourse, but also the yearning for intimacy and romance, says Masahiro YAMADA 山田 昌弘 [中央大学 (1920- ; private; based in Tokyo) 教授], a sociologist, and these are the services that are growing.  There are, for example, more kyabakura, places where men go to be served drinks and fawned over by women, and 'image clubs,' where men act out fantasies (minus the climax, at least in theory) in mock doctor's surgeries or train carriages. Onakura shops allow men to masturbate, while female employees watch. The pornography industry is in rude health, too. * * * the prudish American occupiers urged the Japanese authorities * * * to outlaw payment for vaginal sex in 1958. * * * [Japanese are aging.] The old * * * are after 'softer, less explicit services, says Katsuhito MATSUSHIMA 松島 勝人 of Yano Research Institute in Tokyo."
(i) kyabakura キャバクラ: "語源はフランス語 [French] 由来の「キャバレー」(cabaret)と、英語由来の「クラブ」(club)を合成した造語で、和製外来語である"  ja.wikipedia.org.
(A) The English noun in linguistics for "合成した造語" is portmanteau.
(B) "Hostess clubs are a common feature in the night-time entertainment industry of East Asian countries. They employ primarily female staff and cater to males seeking drinks and attentive conversation."  en.wikipedia.org (which explains kyabakura in Japan, among other nations).
(ii) " 'image clubs,' where men act out fantasies (minus the climax, at least in theory) in mock doctor's surgeries or train carriages"
(A) The "image club" is 和製英語.
(B) chikangirlama, I Was a Sex Worker in a Chikan Image Club in Japan. AMA!   Reddit.com, Aug 28, 2015
https://www.reddit.com/r/NSFWIAM ... ikan_image_club_in/

two consecutive paragraphs:

"A chikan image club specializes in fulfilling a customer's fantasy of groping women on the train and having sex with them. The customer gets to role-play a train groper/molestor (known as chikan 痴漢 in japanese) with a working girl from the club in a private room. The room is designed to look like a train cabin complete with seats and grab poles.

"My job as one of the club's working girls was to act as the customer's unwilling victim. I usually wear a Japanese high school uniform by customer's request. Each session with the customer lasts about 30 minutes. A typical routine involves me acting scared and helpless while my molestor humps me, gropes my body, penetrates me with sex toys or his fingers. I'm not required to have penetrative sex with him or strip. At the end of the session, the customer takes my creamed undies with him.

* AMA stands for "Ask me anything."
(C) Inside Japan's Fantasy Fetish Clubs. CavemanCircus.com, May 12, 2014
https://cavemancircus.com/2014/0 ... -fantasy-sex-clubs/

Japanese-English dictionary:
* fū-zoku 風俗 【ふうぞく】 (n): "(1) customs; (2) sex service; sex industry; sex-oriented entertainment"
* fūzoku eigyō "風俗営業 【ふうぞくえいぎょう】 (n): "(1) (yoji [short for 四字成句]) business offering food and entertainment; cabaret, club and restaurant business; (2) sex industry"
* fude-oroshi 筆おろし; 筆下ろし; 筆降ろし(iK) 【ふでおろし】 (n,v): "(1) using a new brush for the first time; (2) doing something for the first time; (3) man losing his virginity (esp. to an older woman)"  (The "fude" is Japanese pronunciation for kanji 筆.)
* soine 添い寝; 添寝 【そいね】 (n,v): "sleeping together"

"Kabukichō 歌舞伎町 is an entertainment and red-light district in Shinjuku 東京都新宿区 * * * The district's name comes from late-1940s plans to build a kabuki theater: although the theater was never built, the name stuck."  en.wikipedia.org.

Joan Sinclair, Pink Box; Inside Japan's sex clubs. Harry N Abrams, Inc, 2006.
(A) "A railroad car or railcar (American and Canadian English), railway wagon or railway carriage (British English and UIC), also called a train car or train wagon, is * * *"  en.wikipedia.org for "railroad car"

International Union of Railways
(1922- ; French acronym: UIC)

has its headquarters in Paris.
(B) carriage (n): "British  any of the separate sections of a train that carry passengers  <the first-class carriages>"
(A) The onakura オナクラ is short for オナニークラブ, a portmanteau composed of ナニー (German for masturbation) and クラブ *English for club).
(B) German-English dictionary:
* Onanie (noun feminine): "masturbation"
(iv) "The pornography industry is in rude health" in Japan. That is because the audiences/ patrons have vicarious, not real, sex.

rude (adj): "British [attributive]  vigorous or hearty  <* * * in rude health>"
(v) ano Research Institute Ltd  株式会社矢野経済研究所 (1958- ; 創業者 矢野雅雄; private; based in Tokyo; business: 市場調査)  from the Web.

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(b) "A recent edition of Shūkan Post 週刊ポスト, a weekly magazine, described how some elderly men visit soaplands 'just to talk to the babes.' The owner of a 'delivery-health' [和製英語; a Japanese online dictionary translate it as call-girl business] business, which dispatches girls to homes and hotels in Hiroshima, says that older people have replaced those in their 20s as his main customers. Rather than having intercourse, he says, they simply want to spend time in the company of young women.  Akira Ikoma 生駒 明 編集長, the editor[-in-chief] of My Journey 俺の旅 [a bi-monthly 隔月刊誌], a sex magazine, says that today his publication is aimed mainly at men in their 50s and 60s. The photos are demure: no genitalia and not many breasts. An elderly man with a walking stick shuffling around an outlet of M's Pop Life [Department Store, which has no Japanese name], a chain of adult stores, can find much aimed at him. One example is 'silver porn,' [an English, not Japanese, term] starring the likes of Maori TEZUKA 帝塚 真織; she retired last year, at 80, after a nine-year career."
(c) "At the same time, the sex industry is adjusting to cater to young Japanese who are also less interested in carnal pleasures. Once it was common for young men to lose their virginity to prostitutes in Yoshiwara, something known as fudeoroshi [for definition, see (a)(ii)(C) above], meaning writing with a new brush. Now virgins often remain so indefinitely. * * * Many young people see sex as mendokusai, or tiresome, says Mr Yamada."
(d) "Maid cafés, where women in frilly aprons blow on customers’ food before spooning it into their mouths, are packed with men (and tourists). In soineya [for definition, see (a)(ii)(C); ya is Japaanese pronunciation for 屋] stores, or cuddle cafés, clients pay to lie next to a girl. If they pay extra they get a pat or the woman stares directly into their eyes. * * * Sex is expensive, says the owner of the delivery-health service, whereas a visit to a maid café can cost as little as ¥1,000. * * * Pornhub, the world’s largest porn site, says Japan is its fourth-largest source of traffic.  Mr Ikoma, the editor, attributes this in part to the business being more culturally accepted in Japan than elsewhere.""

maid café
(Japanese: メイド喫茶 / メイドカフェ; photos)
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