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Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Aug 27, 2018

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(1) Match Game: Guess Who:

Michael Cohen was the only main actor identified by the US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York. Can you figure out who the others might be from the descriptions in the excerpts from the charges?

[left column:]
American Media, Inc (AMI)
National Enquirer  tabloid magazine
David Pecker, chairman of AMI
Keith Davidson, attorney
Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels, adult film actress
Karen McDougal, former Playboy playmate
Donald Trump
Dylan Howard, Editor-in-Chief, National Enquirer


From in or about 2007 through in or about January 2017, MICHAEL COHEN, the defendant, was an attorney and employee of a Manhattan-based real estate company (the "Company"). COHEN
held the title of "Executive Vice President" and "Special Counsel" to the owner of the Company ("Individual-1").

On or about June 16, 2015, Individual-1 began his presidential campaign. While MICHAEL COHEN, the defendant, continued to work at the Company and did not have a formal title with the campaign, he had a campaign email address and, at various times, advised the campaign, including on matters of interest to the press, and made televised and media appearances on behalf of the campaign.

Corporation-1 was a media company that owns, among other things, a popular tabloid magazine ("Magazine-1").

In or about August 2015, the Chairman and Chief Executive of Corporation-1 ("Chairman-1"), in coordination with MICHAEL COHEN, the defendant, and one or more members of the campaign, offered to help deal with negative stories about Individual-l's relationships with women by, among other things, assisting the campaign in identifying such stories so they could be purchased and their publication avoided.

in or about June 2016, a model and actress ("Woman-1") began attempting to sell her story of her alleged extramarital affair with Individual-1 that had taken place in 2006 and 2007, knowing the story would be of considerable value because of the election. Woman-1 retained an attorney ("Attorney-1"), who in turn contacted the editor-in-chief of Magazine-1 ("Editor-1"), and offered to sell Woman-l's story to Magazine-1.

on or about October 8, 2016, an agent for an adult film actress ("Woman-2") - informed Editor-1 that Woman-2 was willing to make public statements and confirm on the record her alleged past affair with Individual-1. Chairman-1 and Editor-1 then contacted MICHAEL COHEN, the defendant, and put him in touch with Attorney-1, who was also representing Woman-2.

From in or about June 2016, up to and including in or about October 2016, in the Southern District of New York and elsewhere, MICHAEL COHEN, the defendant, knowingly and willfully caused a corporation to make a contribution and expenditure, aggregating $25,000 and more during the 2016 calendar year, to the campaign of a candidate for President of the United States, to wit, COHEN caused Corporation-1 to make and advance a $150, 000 payment to Woman-1

On or about October 27, 2016, in the Southern District of New York and elsewhere, MICHAEL COHEN, the defendant, knowingly and willfully made and caused to be made a contribution to Individual-1, a candidate for Federal office, and his authorized political committee in excess of the limits of the Election Act, which aggregated $25,000 and more in calendar year 2016, and did so by making and causing to be made an expenditure, in cooperation, consultation, and concert with, and at the request and suggestion of one or more members of the campaign, to wit, COHEN made a $130,000 payment to Woman-2 to ensure that she did not publicize damaging allegations before the 2016 presidential election and thereby influence that election.

[printed upside down:] We think Stephanie Clifford might be Woman-2

(a) I fail to find this article online, which I reproduce it here. The paragraphs in the Charges above came from paragraphs 1, 25, 26, 27, 29, 32, 42, and 44 of Information in United States v Cohen, Dist Ct (SDNY), No 18-crim-602. The link to the Information is supplied at the bottom of
Press release: Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court To Eight Counts, Including Criminal Tax Evasion And Campaign Finance Violations. US Attorney's Office [for] Southern District of New York.
https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdn ... luding-criminal-tax
(i) Rule 7 of Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure:

"The Indictment and the Information
(a) When Used.
(1) Felony. An offense (other than criminal contempt) must be prosecuted by an indictment if it is punishable:
(A) by death; or
(B) by imprisonment for more than one year.
(2) Misdemeanor. An offense punishable by imprisonment for one year or less may be prosecuted in accordance with Rule 58(b)(1).
(b) Waiving Indictment. An offense punishable by imprisonment for more than one year may be prosecuted by information if the defendant-in open court and after being advised of the nature of the charge and of the defendant’s rights-waives prosecution by indictment."

(ii) Rule 58(b)(1): "Charging Document. The trial of a misdemeanor may proceed on an indictment, information, or complaint. The trial of a petty offense may also proceed on a citation or violation notice."

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(2) Michael Sasso with Jack Kaskey, China Cleans Up Its (Trash) Act.
https://www.bloomberg.com/news/a ... -the-cleanest-trash

(i) summary underneath the title in print: Stricter rules on imported recycled goods have mainland businesses buying US plants to get their waste
(ii) Print and the online ersin are identical.

(b) "China's Yunnan Xintongji Plastic Engineering Co 云南新同基塑料工程有限责任公司 [1994- ; 昆明] not long ago employed 180 people making construction pipes fashioned from the 3 million pounds of plastic trash it imported from the U.S. each year. Then in January, the Chinese government pulled the plug on lots of American junk and demanded exporters send only the cleanest plastic and paper waste, free of contaminants such as grease and broken glass. Without access to raw materials, XTJ had to lay off all but 30 of its workers and began running at 20 percent capacity.  So XTJ and its U.S. exporter, Atlanta businessman Song Lin, got creative. They're readying their own recycling plant south of Macon, Ga, to collect scrap plastic, clean it, and 'pelletize' it before shipping it to China."

Macon, Georgia
(a consolidated city-county; lies near the geographic center of the state, approximately 85 miles (137 km) south of Atlanta; named "in honor of the North Carolina statesman Nathaniel Macon")
(c) "Modern economies depend on huge amounts of paper for everything from cardboard shipping boxes to packaging for consumer goods. But after decades of industrial expansion, China’s ­forest resources are largely tapped out, says Hannah Zhao, an economist covering recovered paper for RISI Inc, a forest products industry research firm.* * * So while China's import guidelines have rocked the global recycling industry, no one is feeling the pinch more than the country's own factories. Chinese manufacturers are hunting for assets in the U.S., Southeast Asia, and elsewhere, hoping to send back contaminant-­free recyclables that will get past newly strict inspectors. They plan to capitalize on the imbalance between cheap recyclables in the US and soaring prices in China, where recovered cardboard is fetching 60 percent more than a year ago, RISI says."

RISI stands for "Resource Information Systems, Inc" and is based in Bedford, Massachusetts.
(d) "Following the same model is Ecomelida Inc 美国利美公司, a recycler controlled by Zhangzhou Sanlida Environmental Technology Corp 漳州三利达环保科技股份有限公司, based in China's southern Fujian province. It will collect Americans' used Tetra Pak cartons, which hold milk, juices, and broths found in grocery stores, and recycle their paper and plastic in a new $52 million plant in Orangeburg, SC."

Tetra Pak
is a company.
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(3) Kate Krader, Redesigning Tofu.
https://www.bloomberg.com/news/a ... ing-america-on-tofu

(i) summary underneath the title in print: Hodo founder Minh Tsai looks to raise the bean curd's profile
(ii) Print and the online ersin are identical.

(b) Hodo, Inc (2004- ; based in Oakland, Calif;
(c) yuba 湯葉; 湯波; 油皮; 豆腐皮 【ゆば】 (n): "tofu skin; dried beancurd; delicacy made from the skin of gently boiled soybean milk"

is a Japanese word for

tofu skin
(section 3.2 Dried yuba sticks or Fuzhu: 腐竹)
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