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'Modern Love' (2 stories)

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(1) Marjorie S Rosenthal, 'You Should Break with Me'; She wanted to make sure he knew the risks of connection. New York Times, Sept 6, 2020 (in page 6 of SundayStyles section),
https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/ ... eak-up-with-me.html

(i) Marjorie
(a female given name derived from Margaret, which means pearl [in Old Persian, via Ancient Greek and later Latin ("Margarita") )
(ii) Marjorie S Rosenthal, MD, MPH
("is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the Yale University School of Medicine")

She is 53 years old, with Sue as middle name.

Pay attention to her "Education & Training": "Resident  Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD[,] Intern  Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD” where MD stands for Maryland,

(iii) Paul Stephen Rosenthal, Boston Globe, Feb 20-22, 2015
https://www.legacy.com/obituarie ... 05813&fhid=8784  
("of Chestnut Hill [died] February 19, 2015 * * * Devoted father of * * * Dr Margi Rosenthal and her late husband Dr Amal Murarka of New Haven, CT")

Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
(a village in parts of Town of Brookline, and Cities of Boston and Newton)

(b) Amal Murarka
(i) Medical School 1994 Commencement. University of Minnesota.
https://conservancy.umn.edu/bits ... icalSchool_1994.pdf
("MINNESOTA MEDICAL FOUNDATION  MEDICAL STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT AWARD[:] * * * Amal Murarka * * * [underneath photo of Murarka] Clifton Park, NY[,] Georgetown Univ[,] Children's Hosp/Philadelphia  Pediatrics")

Minnesota Medical Foundation is a charitable arm of University of Minnesota. The latter entry meant he was from New York State, an undergraduate of Georgetown and would head for Chinldren's Hospital for residency in pediatrics.

He died while a pediatrician at Johns Hopkins Hospital (but not on the job -- he did not die while transporting a patient in a vehicle -- see (v) below).
(A) Amal (given name)
( "(Arabic: أمل) ; is a unisex given name of Arabic  * * * origin")
(B) أمل
("hope, expect [as a noun masculine and a verb]; Proper noun: "a female given name")
(iii) Murarka is an India Surname, concentrated in West Bengal
, which is a state whose capital is Calcutta (presently spelled Kolkata in India).
(iv) American Academy of Pediatrics
("IN MEMORIAM  AAP News October 2003, 23(4)[:] 200-201 * * * Amal Murarka, M.D., candidate fellow, of Chapel Hill, N.C., died in a car accident Aug. 16 at age 33")

"candidate fellow, of Chapel Hill, NC" means that Dr Murarka, having finished pediatrics residency at Johns Hopkins, would start fellowship at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, hed he not died prematurely.
(v) Rosenthal v Ford Motor Co, Inc (N.D.Conn. 2006) 462 F.Supp. 2d 296

"F.Supp. 2d" stands for Federal Supplement, 2nd edition. A non-governmental publication published by Westlaw, Federal Supplement contains opinion by federal district court, which is not binding.

Read only the first paragraph for basic facts: Dr Murarka and his father died in a one-car accident, while his mother and wife were in a separate car.
(vi) Here is the docket of the case: Rosenthal v Ford Motor Co, Inc. (N.D.Conn.) No 3:05-cv-00478
https://www.courtlistener.com/do ... al-v-ford-motor-co/
which was reported (by parties) to be settled on Apr 16, 2008 and therefore dismissed on Oct 31, 2008)

Document 1 of the docket showed that the case had been initiated in Connecticut state court, but all defendants removed it to federal district court. See removal jurisdiction
(based on either "diversity of citizenship of the parties or where plaintiff's action involves a claim under federal law")

For the former (diversity of citizenship, as in Rosenthal v Ford Motor), it means that set of plaintiffs and set of defendants are citizenship of different states (states can not overlap, that is).

(c) "My husband, Amal, used to spend a lot of time in helicopters, his bow tie peeking out of his flight suit. This was in Baltimore, where he and I were pediatricians. * * * And then, four years and two children into our marriage, I watched from a trailing car as the rear left tire exploded on the S.U.V. he was driving, causing the vehicle to flip over twice, crushing him [he died]. * * * dating, of all people, a helicopter engineer [job description: helicopter maintenance and repair]. Brian emailed me through Match.com about 13 years after Amal died. * * * By then I was living in New Haven, Conn"

flight suit

(d) " 'I have diabetes!' he said, a little too excitedly.  'I have colon cancer,' I said * * * 'I have a port in my chest, under my skin, where I get chemotherapy every two weeks.' * * * Wearing a blousy linen white shirt over a pink tank top, I was glad he couldn't see the raised outline and persistent bruise over my embedded plastic port-a-cath.  'I have two ports,' Brian said. 'I mean, not that I want to outdo you.' He lifted his shirt to show me two clear tubes running from what looked like high-tech Band-Aids on his belly to a black plastic box the size of a beeper. * * * After the swim, Brian checked one of his ports, ate some Craisins, and gave himself insulin through the other port."

(i) Port-a-Cath is a brand name of a port of Smiths Medical based in Ohio.
(ii) A port may be underneath the skin
or above. For the latter, see Medical Patient Cancer Survivor Showing Chemotherapy IV Chest Access Port stock photo.
https://www.istockphoto.com/phot ... 978746118-265997387
, where IV stands for intravenous.
(iii) Needles - Huber/Non-Coring Point and Blunt Tip. Access Technologies, a division of Norfolk Medical Products, Inc (Skokie, Illinois), undated
("Notice that the bevel of the Huber point needle, i.e. the ground surface or cutting edge, is almost perpendicular to the needle shaft. This deflects the pressure from the heel, allowing the needle to part rather than core the septum as it is inserted and withdrawn")
(A) core (vt): "to remove a core from  <core an apple>"
(B) What pr where is the heel of a needle?

https://www.routledge.com/rsc/do ... 598_KJN37.pdf%20%20
(•        "Figure 3.2 Typical hypodermic needle features. (Courtesy of Popper and Sons, Inc., New Hyde Park, NY.)" at page 49;
•        "Figure 3.9 Needle terminology. (Illustration courtesy of Connecticut Hypodermic, Yalesville, CT.)" at page 56;
•         "Anticoring heel blast: The heel of a bevel is blasted with media to dull it in order to reduce coring. It is the heel of a needle that tends to produce coring. (See Figure 3.8 [sic; should be '3.9'] for location of needle heel.)"  at page 57.

"Anticoring" because the septum is at the core of a port.
(C) Huber needle was invented by
Ralph L Huber. Life in the Fastlane, undated

(e) "We planned a hike and a swim at Bluff Point State Park, and Brian offered to drive. I knew it was a little risky to give this relative stranger my home address and agree to a daylong outing over 4th of July weekend for our second date. But my adolescent daughters were at camp in New Hampshire for two weeks, and Brian seemed like a good guy.  The day before, he texted: 'Because I am Irish, I will bring plenty of sunscreen.' * * * When I saw his car pull up, my heart lurched. I stood up from my porch steps. * * * Brian was driving the same make and model of SUV as the one Amal died in."
(i) The Irish tends to have skin that burns easily in the sun, freckles and is light in color."One out of ten Irish people have red hair.
(ii) "When I saw his car pull up." That means Brian pulled up to her home, so she did give him her home address. despite hesitation at the beginning.

(f) "On our first date, we had discussed talking and not talking about our feelings.  'Like any good Irishman,' he said, 'I don't like to talk about my feelings. Maybe I tell long, elliptical stories so I don't have to.'  'Like any good Jewish woman, I talk about my feelings a lot,' I said. 'Do you want to know how I feel about my hangnail [as opposed to toenails]?' "

can be an adjective of either ellipse 椭圆形 or ellipse. Here definition (2)(b) fits the bill: "of or relating to deliberate obscurity (as of literary or conversational style)"

(g) "Brian had just returned from California and brought me earrings with butterfly parts encased in plastic. He promised no butterflies had died for my earrings"

Maybe butterflies were maimed to make earrings, having portions of wings ripped off.

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(2) New York Times, Sept 7, 2020, at page A3.

"Stationed as an Army officer in Hawaii, I was alarmed to see [sic] my mother calling from Virginia. My father had a stroke. Feeling helpless more than 4,500 miles away, I called my best friend, Nora, am ER nurse who live near them. Within 15 minutes she drove to the hospital to hold hands, translate the doctor's prognosis and make sure that my mother ate -- everything a good nurse, or a good friend, would do. With my parents settled, I finally asked what had happened. 'Oh,' Nora said with a giggle. 'They were having sex.' I cringed, grateful for my friend.  Veronica Bean"  

Search images.google.com with ("Veronica Bean" nytimes.com), and you will see the photo. DO NOT click, because you do ot want to waste few free reads New York Times allows in a month. Also, my quotation, as well as the photo (my guess is Ms Bean with her mother rather than aNora, but who knows) is all there is.
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