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T Day; The battle for Taiwan: Reuters

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Yimou Lee, Norihiko Shirouzu and David Lague, T Day; The battle for Taiwan. Reuters, Dec 27, 2021 (under the heading "Silicon Fortress")/
https://www.reuters.com/investig ... taiwan-china-chips/

(a) Norihiko SHIROUZU  白水 紀彦
(i) Jom Breen online Japanese-English dictionary:
* nori 法; 則; 典; 範; 矩 【のり】 (n): "rule; law; regulation"
* hiko 彦 【ひこ】 (n,n-suf [noun suffix]) (See 姫 [whose Japanese pronunciation is 'hime']) boy"
(ii) The shiro and uzu are Japanese pronunciations of kanji 白 and 水, respectively.

(b) "Taichung, home to TSMC's Gigafab 15 * * * The foundries are located on the narrow plain along Taiwan's west coast facing China, some 130 kilometers away at the nearest point. Most are close to so-called red beaches, considered by military strategists as likely landing sites for a Chinese invasion."
(i) GIGAFAB® Facilities. TSMC, undated
https://www.tsmc.com/english/ded ... nufacturing/gigafab
("The Company currently operates four 12-inch GIGAFAB® facilities – Fabs 12, 14, 15 and 18. The combined capacity of the four facilities exceeded nine million 12-inch equivalent wafers in 2020. Fab 12, 14 and 15 support 0.13μm, 90nm, 65nm, 40nm, 28nm, 20nm,16nm, 10nm, and 7nm process technologies, including each technology's sub-nodes. 5nm is currently accelerating into mass production at Fab 18")

As the table shows, Mini- , Mega- and Giga- facility] all work on 300mm (or 12 inch) silicon wafers -- yet the difference is how many each may handle "monthly" (Giga- : >100K)
(ii) Regarding "red beaches."

漢光演習》全台14處列紅色海灘 台中甲南海灘今灘岸殲敵實兵演練.

("共軍若武力犯台,有14個共軍可能的登陸點。國防部「漢光36號」實兵演習今天進行第4天課目,特別在台中甲南海灘進行聯合反登陸作戰實彈操演,驗證「灘岸殲敵」能力。  國軍今天在甲南海灘實施聯合反登陸作戰實彈操演 * * * 華府專家 [Ian Easton] 列出台灣14處海灘為共軍可能登陸地點,國軍版本略有不同,列出13個可能地點,中部有3處,其中,甲南海灘是國軍認為台灣本土易遭共軍兩棲登陸的「紅色海灘」之一,更是中部地區被共軍登陸機率最高的海灘。軍方依不同灘岸狀況及登陸難易度,區分不同等級顏色的海灘,分別有紅色、黃色、以及藍色海灘。  華府智庫「2049計畫」研究員易思安(Ian Easton)在2017年發表的《中共攻台大解密》書中也提到,如果共軍武力犯台,有14個可能在台灣的登陸點,包含金山(北)、金山(南)、林口、海湖(桃園蘆竹)、翡翠灣、福隆、頭城、壯圍、羅東、宜蘭、布袋、台南、林園、加祿堂。  易思安在書中提到, 台中具備港口和機場,且被高地和山脈包圍,頗具戰略地位,是台灣南北向交通必經之處,一旦攻佔這座城市,就能將台灣一分為二,切斷北部和南部主要部隊之間的聯繫,雖然台中海灘不適合登陸,但改成登陸附近的河口三角洲或許還行得通")
(iii) 甲南海灘 is a long ( I do not know how long, judging from the following video) stretch of black-sand beach with good depth,
see 台中市 清水甲南海灘 漢光36號演習預演. uploaded by 臺灣交通鐵道影像 台湾の鉄道映像 Taiwan Railway Movies BV2DP on July 8, 2020
-- at the 甲南 neighborhood of 台中市清水區. See 清水區 (台灣)
https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/清水區 (台灣)
(This Wiki page contains three 甲南: 臺中市清水區甲南國民小學, 甲南玉聖寺 and "包括甲南地區之外環道路「中華北路」")
, besides 甲南工業區 (not found in this Wiki page).

"河口三角洲"?  清水區 is bound in the north by 大甲溪 (which flows westwards in the midst of 臺中市 (that is, 大甲溪 is neither the northern nor the southern boundary of 臺中市). Indeed, if one searches maps.google.com with 臺中市清水區甲南國民小學, he will see the elementary school is located three miles to the west from the (Taiwan Strait) coast and one mile south of 大甲溪. The same Google map suggests the so-called 甲南海灘 is actually the sandy areas of the riverbed in between the northern and southern banks of 大甲溪. And that is what it is. See
劉亭廷 (記者) and 洪復華 (攝影), 直擊漢光大甲溪實彈預演重裝火力灘岸殲敵. Tvbs新聞, July 2, 2020
(iv) The book is:
Ian Easton, The Chinese Invasion Threat; Taiwan's defense and American strategy in Asia. publisher: Project 2049 Institute (which is also is his employer), 2017.

The book listed 林口 beach as the most likely spot of landing.

Specifically it is the 下寮 beach (there is not much depth) at 下寮 neighborhood of 林口區.

(c) "In the counter-invasion exercise, “enemy” paratroopers dropped on Ching Chuan Kang air base and captured the control tower * * * Martijn Rasser, a former senior intelligence officer and analyst at the US Central Intelligence Agency. * * * Rasser, now a senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security. * * * Taiwan's rise as chip power dates back to a breakfast in early 1974 at a downtown Taipei eatery [台北市南陽街小欣欣豆漿店 -- not a restaurant. Check images.google.com] known for its soy milk and steam buns, according to an account by the island's Industrial Technology Research Institute.  A Chinese-born executive from a leading US tech company, Radio Corporation of America [RCA], discussed a bold idea with Taiwanese officials: Build a semiconductor industry from scratch on the island. Taipei struck a tech-transfer agreement with RCA and sent engineers to work there.  'Back then, no one knew these technologies would become so important,' said Chen Liang-gee 陳良基 [who is IEEE Fellow], who served as Taiwan's Science and Technology Minister 科技部部長 until May 2020. * * * These elite professionals [working for and at fabs] are the most important asset of Taiwan's chip industry, says retired navy Captain Chang Ching 張競, a research fellow at the Taipei-based Society for Strategic Studies 中華戰略學會."
(i) "臺中市擁有台灣第二大港口 [after Kaohsiung],市內的清泉崗基地為全台最大的空軍基地。"  zh.wikipedia.org for 臺中市.
(ii) Center for a New American Security is a think-tank founded in 2007 at DC by Michèle Flournoy and Kurt M Campbell.
(iii) 台灣IC產業夢想的起點. In The Industrial Heritage of Taiwan 台灣工業文化資產網, by 國立科學工藝博物館, undated
https://iht.nstm.gov.tw/tour/ind ... amp;m2=28&id=17
• 宁南山, 当年一群大陆精英规划打造的台湾半导体产业,如今成为台湾经济的核心命脉. 知乎, Oct 22, 2021.
(iv) 張競 | 張競專欄.
"ETtoday 雲論" within "ETtoday新聞雲," undated
("中華戰略學會研究員。中華民國榮民,曾任海軍中權軍艦艦長 [captain],美國海軍戰爭學院 [Naval War College (1884- ; at Newport, Rhode Island)] 績優畢業,英國赫爾大學政治學博士,目前在大學執教國際關係等政治學門課程")
• For 中權軍艦, see 中海級戰車登陸艦
("為美國在第二次世界大戰建造的LST二型戰車登陸艦。 二戰後美軍以512號公法授權移交給中華民國海軍的中字號戰車登陸艦計有10艘之外,眾多單位獲得民用LST。前後共有至少61艘LST在1949年以前在中華民國服務。" / section 4 同型艦列表: 中權)
• landing ship, tank. Encyclopaedia Britannica, undated
("(LST), naval ship specially designed to transport and deploy troops, vehicles, and supplies onto foreign shores for the conduct of offensive military operations")
(v) 英國赫爾大學 University of Hull
(1927- ; public; at Kingston upon Hull, where Hull is a river)


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