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前社科院美研所長資中筠撰文 力批當前親俄仇美外交

发表于 4-28-2022 13:34:10 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
方德豪, 【美中關係】前社科院美研所長資中筠撰文 力批當前親俄仇美外交. RFA, Apr 28 2022

, which provide link to

资中筠, 国际问题研究的反思. 中美印象, Apr 27, 2022.
http://cn3.uscnpm.org/model_item ... rticle&id=27521

(a) The entire website of uscnpm.org does not work today, not just this link. I have not heard of this website, which, however, could not possibly the original website that published it -- because uscnpm.org published this article yesterday (Apr 27, 2022).
(b) I googled and can not find the original website that publishes this article.
(c) 新世纪 NewCenturyNet's blogger 博主 张伟国 on Apr 20, 2022 reproduced it, whose date was Apr 15, 2022.

(a) The RFA article is in traditional Chinese, because it (article) is in 粤语 site, not 普通话 site.

(b) The RFA article says, "今年6月將滿92歲的資中筠的文章表示,在當前俄羅斯入侵烏克蘭的這場戰爭中,最常見的為侵略辯護的論點是所謂「歷史淵源」,「北約東擴」逼俄太甚,俄有「安全考慮」。但是,資中筠提出,中共官媒追溯歷史止於上世紀 90 年代,但不再往前推一步。她強調,從沙俄到蘇聯,對波蘭等東歐國家的侵略、瓜分和壓迫,全都是歷史淵源。"
(i) But once you read the 资 article, you may agree with me that in the sentence "追溯歷史止於上世紀 90 年代,但不再往前推一步," the subject is not necessarily 中共官媒, but (Chinese) 学者. The article said, "例如在当前这场战争中,最常见的为侵略辩护的论点是所谓 '历史渊源,' '北约东扩' 逼俄太甚,俄有安全考虑云云。但是追溯历史为什么止于上世纪90年代,而不再往前推一步?从沙俄到苏联,对波兰等东欧国家的侵略、瓜分和压迫(包括令人发指的卡廷事件)不也是历史渊源?俄罗斯的 '安全关怀' 应予照顾,那东欧国家的安全呢?"
(ii) 卡廷事件 Katyn incident refers to
Katyn massacre
(April and May 1940; Katyn Forest [in Russia, "circa 60 km from the Russian borders with Belarus": en.wikipedia.org])

(c) The 资 article mentions 以人为本 people oriented, which is derived from "以人为本,是胡锦涛同志提出的科学发展观的核心." Which in terms came from 《尚书·五子之歌》:民惟邦本,本固邦宁, through 唐 杜甫《送顧八分文學適洪吉州》邦以民為本,魚饑費香餌.

(d) The 资 article: "2) 重视外交,忽视内政。关于此点,本人有切身认识转变过程:自威斯伐利亚格局以来,一般都认为某一时间段的国际格局是由一场或多场战争决定的:战后根据胜负各方的力量对比签订条约,暂时形成稳定格局,直到下一次大战打破,重新洗牌。一战以后凡尔赛格局,二战以后雅尔塔格局,均是如此。本人在《战后美国外交史》的总绪论中结尾称,在可以预见的将来,雅尔塔格局还会继续。而此书刚出版,即发生东欧、苏联相继突变,雅尔塔格局訇然解体。这不是由于战争或外部因素,而是有关各国内部变化,是一方原有的制度难以为继。这一现实证伪了本人所谓 '可以预见的将来,' 证明了世界格局的变化不一定由一场战争决定,而可以来自主要国家内部的变化。"
(i) "威斯伐利亚格局"
(A) But the legacy of Westphalia is not what she claimed.
(B) Westphalian sovereignty
(section 2 History: "The origins of Westphalian sovereignty have been traced in the scholarly literature to the Peace of Westphalia (1648). The peace treaties put an end to the Thirty Years' War, a war of religion that devastated Germany ['Germany' is used as war mainly fought in present0day Germany, but at the time, it was Holy Roman Empire] and killed 30% of its population. Since neither the Catholics nor the Protestants had won a clear victory, the peace settlement established a status quo order in which states would refrain from interfering in each other's religious practices.

There is no need to read the rest of this Wiki page. And read only introduction of the next: (d)(i)(D). I bet few Britons and much less Americans know about Thirty Year's War, because England did not take part in the War. "England" because Great Britain did not OFFICIALLY started until 1707 (under Queen Anne, the last monarch of House of Tudor). See Great Britain
(section 2 History, section 2.3 Early modern period)
(C) Peace of Westphalia
(D) Westphalia
(German: Westfalen; one of the three historic parts of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia [the state includes City of Cologne])

For the toponymy of Westphalia, see Eastphalia
(section 1 Etymology)
(ii) "凡尔赛格局"

World War I
("The 1919 Paris Peace Conference imposed various settlements on the defeated powers, the best known being the Treaty of Versailles [signed in Palace of Versailles]. The dissolution of the Russian, German, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires led to numerous uprisings and the creation of independent states, including Poland, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. For reasons that are still debated, failure to manage the instability that resulted from this upheaval during the interwar period ended with the outbreak of World War II in 1939")

(iii) 《战后美国外交史》世界知识出版社,1994. (The draft started om 1987.)

(e) The 资 article: "3)大国主义。只见大国博弈,忽视小国的存在和诉求。诚然,国际关系中丛林法则还占相当的分量,直到雅尔塔格局之形成,还是美英苏三大国讨价还价瓜分势力范围,决定小国、弱国的地位和命运。联合国成立后有所不同,其宗旨是维护永久和平,以大国小国一律平等为原则,但是又设定了五常任理事国一致保证的规则(即一票否决),这两个原则显然存在内在悖论。这种自相矛盾的设置也是大国博弈的结果——五国一致是苏联坚持的,因为它当时是少数。(1994年橡树园会议通过联合国宪章50周年时本人曾发表文章详述这一过程及其矛盾)但是战后将近80年,已进入新时代")
(i) 丛林法则 (the law of the jungle
("丛林法则(The Law of the Jungle)或称 * * * 森林法则、弱肉强食,是自然界的普遍规律。在自然界中,由于生存竞争,消灭其他竞争者以求得生存,是一个自然过程(虽然生物之间也有少数互利共生的情况,但生存竞争是主要现象)。  这个词语有另一个含义,在西方常被用于描述人类社会中所有人自私自利,靠暴力或商业竞争赢过其他人,不在乎法治和公平,竞争力较差的人就被淘汰")

When I left Taiwan in 1984, there was such term. I have not read of heard this term in US (I heard "It's a jungle out there" to mean lawless in a place, not the entire humanity).

Law of the jungle
in the right column has the poem, which does not sound like 弱肉强食 at all.
(ii) Dumbarton Oaks Conference  敦巴顿橡树园会议
(at Dumbarton Oaks)
(iii) Jamesc, The Dumbarton Connection. Dumbarton Oaks, Aug 9, 2016
https://www.doaks.org/research/l ... barton-connection-1
("The name Dumbarton Oaks also has a Scottish connection. The name comes, in part, from the name that the Scotsman Colonel Ninian Beall gave to a land grant he received from Lord Baltimore [owner of Province of Maryland] in 1702")
(iv) "Dumbarton Rock which is 240 feet (73 m) high and overlooks the Scottish town of Dumbarton" en.wikipedia.org for "Dumbarton Castle.

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